Best Aftermarket Shocks For Tundra

If you are looking for the best shocks absorbers for your Toyota Tundra then this article would be very helpful for you. Shocks absorbers have a prime importance for your vehicle. As they soften the road impact when installed thereby smoothening your driving experience and also increasing the stability of your truck. You would be surprised to know that the shock absorbers not only enhance the stability of your truck but also prevents your truck to fall off on either side of the road. Although Tundra is a great truck rather it needs to be improved with the introduction of some aftermarket parts. When considering aftermarket suspensions you need to ensure the money you are spending on it will return you the shocks of worth quality.

If your hand is familiar with the Tundra then you have to know how important is to purchase the right shocks and struts for the Tundra. It is important to keep them in good working condition because they are very crucial components for your truck. Your truck will come to life again if you install the correct shocks in it. Updating the shocks will enhance the turning capability of the truck, there is no more danger of the wobble or squeaking when driving at high velocity. Thereby providing you an overall smoother ride on the road and ensures minimum sag when driving through the bumps or obstacles.

Finding best quality shocks for your Toyota Tundra is a challenging task and if you had purchased the low quality shocks then they may hurt you alongside the road with flattened tires and also will wear out early. On the basis of deep research and testing we have bring forward the reliable aftermarket shocks for your Toyota Tundra. We will recommend only those products that have delivered high performance and are cost effective. You will save time and money by driving in comfort upon knowing that your trip is safe.

To support the weight of this vehicle it needs the best Tundra shock absorbers as the Toyota Tundra is a heavy duty pickup truck. Shocks and struts are more often neglected when performing regular maintenance and even if they make any noise they are still ignored which is extremely harmful to handling and ride comfort of the vehicle. We have acquired the necessary information that you will need to get perfect shocks for your Tundra. You will also get acknowledged why these parts are very important.

Top Best Aftermarket Shocks For Tundra

1. Bilstein Shocks For Toyota Tundra (Best For Professional Use)

Among several suspension brands in the market Bilstein is the most trusted brand. Its superior quality suspension enables drivers to experience smooth and stable ride including an enormous gas pressure single tube formulation. With the adjustable front height suspension you can efficiently level your truck with ease, specifically if you install large tires or any lift kit on it. For guaranteed long life, these suspensions are composed of superior quality materials. To enhance this feature it also has a twin tube design formulation.   

The Bilstein introduced a new technology called “designed for durability”. These shock absorbers are able to absorb huge impacts and also evenly dissipates the heat energy. To help absorb shocks inside the car the shocks are also equipped with a great feature that are 5100 series rear shock absorbers. It also aids to improve the driving performance of the truck.

You will get several advantages upon using the Bilstein shocks in your Tundra as it minimizes the risk of truck misbalance and falling because it absorbs the shocks of all kind. Due to the smoothness of ride the over all driving performance and handling  is enhanced. The specially designed metal body of the shock absorber decreases the wear inside thereby giving it a longer life and more resistant to the corrosion, dirt, or rust. The front shocks can lift the vehicle between 0.875-2.3 inches, while the rear shocks delivers an inch of lift. You don’t have to worry about anything as the shocks are available with a lifetime warranty and are also compatible with Toyota Tundra 4WD 2007-14 models.

The package comes with a comprehensive installation guide and is very easy to install that even a novice technician can install it without any hassle. Somehow we have tried to explain the installing procedure first of all, you have to remove the old suspensions. If you are replacing it with a new shock absorber, go ahead and install a new one. However, if you are installing several shock absorbers, then continue to the next step. In general, by changing the spring seat with a unique circlip groove design the truck’s ride height can be changed from 0 to 2.5 inches that allows the vehicle’s ride height to be adjusted and controlled.

Bilstein Shocks For Toyota Tundra (Best For Professional Use)
Bilstein Shocks For Toyota Tundra (Best For Professional Use)

2. Rancho Shocks For Toyota Tundra

This brand with part number RS999040 (2 pieces), likewise makes the best rough terrain tundra shocks, so you can get them without the slightest hesitation. The Rancho shocks highlight either a 2.75″ or 2.38″ reinforcement tube for changing damping levels.

Indeed, even in the hardest towing conditions, the RS9000XL shock gives better cooling and more reliable execution, further upgrading execution and strength. The plan and creation of the safeguards are intended for use in rough terrain conditions. The shocks utilize a bigger than-common chromed cylinder bar with a breadth of 18mm. These cylinder bars are answerable for releasing oil through little openings on the outer layer of the line.

The Rancho scope of safeguards has nine settings and 9 power levels intended to match shocks found in a wide scope of elite execution vehicles. The degree of damping can be changed in the field, and you can tune the suspension to suit changing street and weather patterns or burden weight. This is a full-range shock that permits the client to change the shock from exceptionally delicate to extremely hard.

Likewise, polyurethane bushings are utilized to mount the front arm. The bushings are intended to diminish flex and take into consideration more exact wheel development. These shocks accompany a multi-day guarantee to remain inflexible over the long haul and they fit practically on all 4WD models.

Rancho Shocks For Toyota Tundra
Rancho Shocks For Toyota Tundra

3. Monroe Shocks For Toyota Tundra

Monroe shocks have pre-assembled top strut mounts that are securely bolted to the strut body with large steel braces. Compared to traditional stamped top mounts, they transmit less noise and vibration through the chassis to the body. Original type bearings are optimized for strength and quietness. They provide smooth and quiet operation even at high speeds, as well as exceptional steering performance. They also absorb road shocks and vibrations, keeping the wheels in constant contact with the road for better overall stability and control. This manufacturer of truck shock absorbers uses SAE grade nuts and bolts that are as strong as high strength fasteners at a lower cost. They are also easier to install as no additional hardware is required.

In addition, the shock absorbers use a special bonding technology that increases the contact area between steel and rubber by up to 50%. As a result, vibration is reduced, strength is increased and jumping is reduced. They also feature galvanized steel with a thick nickel-chrome finish that prevents rust. The coating is three times thicker than conventional OE brake components, resulting in a surface three times more resistant to wear. The parts of the shocks are assembled into units of this product that meet or exceed original equipment performance standards. They are tested for stiffness and durability and then subjected to the same high temperature, high humidity salt spray tests as original equipment components.

Carrier plates are stronger thanks to exclusive cold-forged technology than original blocks. This increased strength allows them to better withstand the stresses of energy-hungry aftermarket tires. The large base plates also support the assembly’s greater overall load capacity, allowing it to better absorb shocks caused by road bumps. In addition, these heavy duty rear shocks for Toyota Tundra have an upper spring seat which is an important part of the factory coils and struts. It acts like a metal washer, separating two different metals on the strut assembly, thereby reducing fouling and wear.

Monroe Shocks For Toyota Tundra
Monroe Shocks For Toyota Tundra

4. Icon 2.0 Shocks For Toyota Tundra

The Icon 2.0 shocks with part number 56506 are the multi-functional product on the market. It has two shocks for the rear so you get a firmer feel and better control. The lift for this back is 2 inches. Factory rubber bushings are highly recommended for the first level of ride improvement. This update has greatly improved street driving. A firmer, more controllable feel is the result of Icon’s new, stiffer bushings.

Plus, its steel washers are a great upgrade for the Tundra. They adjust the factory suspension geometry and quickly reduce body roll when cornering. It also reduces excessive front suspension movement under load and helps reduce front suspension noise. In addition, the shock mounting bolts are used to reinforce the mounting points of the front lower arms. They are recommended for vehicles that have any high-speed driving, off-road driving or hauling.

These shocks are great for off-road or when you have to ride on rough roads. You will feel a smooth ride throughout the entire trip and you won’t feel like your truck is sagging during the trip like before. They are compatible with most 4WD and RWD vehicles. Weighing in at just 22 pounds, they are a great upgrade to the front and rear. With an excellent durability factor, you won’t have to worry about buying new shock absorbers for your vehicle. They will last a long time and can be used to provide numerous services to various types of vehicles.

Icon 2.0 Shocks For Toyota Tundra
Icon 2.0 Shocks For Toyota Tundra

5. Bilstein 4600 Series Shocks For Toyota Tundra

Bilstein has a front and rear 4600 series shock absorber. They have the following advantages:

(1) They are designed to provide comfort, control and stability at all times.

(2) Absorbers last a long time due to their excellent quality.

(3) They are fairly easy to maintain; people can serve themselves.

(4) Absorbers have a pleasant appearance that attracts people’s attention.

(5) Provides control and stability in all terrain and driving conditions.

Featuring Monotube gas pressure technology, these shocks provide optimal damping and control regardless of load, speed or driving conditions. The technology is designed to provide the best suspension performance at both high and low speeds. This is because single-tube dampers (which use a single tube similar to the piston in an internal combustion engine) allow for more precise control of pressure levels than twin-tube dampers. In a twin-tube shock absorber, pressure levels are not controlled as precisely as in a single-tube design. This means that the Monotube design is better suited to handle pressure changes that are needed to improve suspension control.

Also, the installation process of this system is quite simple as there is direct bolting (direct bolting means the shock is attached directly to the car without any modifications). You will need some simple tools, a wrench, a marker, pliers, and a small flat head screwdriver. Moreover these best aftermarket shock absorbers for Toyota Tundra are compatible with Toyota Tundra 4 by 4 models from 2007 to 2014.

Bilstein 4600 Series Shocks For Toyota Tundra
Bilstein 4600 Series Shocks For Toyota Tundra

6. Fox Shocks Series 2.5

Before any of the Fox shocks went into production, they had to stand the test of time and endure incredible abuse from the fastest athletes in racing. Fox pushes the limits to give you the same precise control and race-tested performance you can feel. Bolt-on Fox Factory Race Series Coil-over Reservoir shocks provide improved damping in all terrain.

Coil-over dampers provide suspension damping and balance the vehicle’s weight. An integrated coil spring can be adjusted for preload and ride height and is pre-set to level your vehicle right out of the box. Experience the incredible performance and precise control of Factory Series Coil-over Reservoir shocks.

Fox Shocks Series 2.5
Fox Shocks Series 2.5


How long do shocks last on a Tundra?

It depends on many factors. You can think of shock absorbers or struts like tennis shoes. If you only wear them on the weekends to go to the mall, they will last much longer than someone who wears them every day, skateboarding and using their shoes as a brake quite often. So that’s mean your truck would have long durability and good performance only if you drive fewer miles, don’t drive like a Speed ​​Racer, drive on nice smooth roads, and don’t carry a lot of luggage in your truck.

Typically, if your truck is a brand new then you can expect your shocks/struts to last about 10 years. However if you have driven your truck as a workhorse, then 5 years can hardly be expected. This mean we can say that for the average driver, 7 or 8 years is the maximum life hope for most shock absorbers and struts.

5 Sure Symptom When You Need Shock Absorbers or Struts Replacement

Most people don’t change their shocks or struts because they honestly don’t realize they are worn out. Below are the signs when they appear one must have to change their shocks.

Dropping front end or drooping bottom

When you get over a speed bump or hit the brake a little harder than normal, does the front end of your truck drop like a kneel to the queen? This is a typical sign of worn out shock. On the other hand, when you pull off the road and the rear wheel hits the curb hole, does the back of the car go down? Does it scratch the pavement? These are signs that the rear shock absorbers are nearing the end of their life.


If you keenly watch the shocks under a search light, if you see liquid that usually colors brown seeping onto the bottom of the shock or strut? While you may have a leak elsewhere that splatters on the shock, it looks different. This fluid leak should go straight down and not splash fluid on one side only. Beware of unscrupulous mechanics who spray oil around your shocks or struts and then bring you in to show you the “leaky” part. Ask them to clean it with a rag and drive home. If it leaks, you will see it again in a few miles.

Bouncy Trip

This is the most common signs of wear out shocks but however most people could not trace it due to the used to track conditions. The only way to test the bouncy truck is stand or jump on the truck’s bumper and go on at once jump off from the bonnet. If the truck continues to sea saw for one or two time then its time to change the shocks.

Loss Of Control

Another indicative sign is when you turn or hit a pothole you didn’t see. If you feel that the car is rocking or it seems to you that it is simply unstable, most likely the racks are faulty. An old-fashioned way to test this is if you or someone else is driving the vehicle while you are following behind. You can see the truck bouncing or rocking from side to side very easily this happens when the shock absorbers and struts are badly worn.

Tire wear and vibration

Although if you feel vibration in the steering wheel it is not the only reason that your wheels are unbalance rather it might be the cause of worn out shocks. However your tires will also help in telling the condition of the shocks. Tires that are so-called “bowled” (looks like round, bald marks on a bowl) are often caused by badly worn shocks. However this doesn’t happen with the shocks of back wheel, but if you’ve never replaced the shocks then there is high chance the rear shocks are worn out too.

What shocks are on Tundra TRD?

If you want to be the king of all the off-road, you must need a powerful suspension with great flexibility, adaptability, and strength. Fortunately, Toyota understands this and the Tundra TRD Pro comes with everything. First, the Tundra TRD Pro uses 2.5-inch Fox front shocks with stout 46mm pistons. Specially tuned springs provide an additional 2 inches of lift up front, which increases wheel travel by 1.5 inches. Out back, you can expect similar performance with a different set of 2.5-inch Fox shocks. These rear shocks have 12 bypass zones with 2.5 inches of extra reservoirs that work to add 2 inches of rear wheel foldaway.

Fox’s Race Proven Bypass Technology:

To ensure a smooth on-road ride as well as off-road capability, FOX brings their race-proven bypass technology to these 2019 TRD Pro models. Here’s a quick breakdown:

In the ride zone, when you hit a bump, fluid can bypass the damping piston through the bypass holes; Fluid is then drawn back into the shock body through the open fill ports, allowing the fluid to freely bypass the piston for a smooth, comfortable ride. In the impact zone, when you hit a big hit, the shock compresses and the piston goes past the bypass. The liquid is then restricted to flow through the compression valve at full force, creating hardness and preventing bottoming.

When going from compression to rebound, the piston is momentarily held at the top of the stroke, which helps prevent wobble. During rebound, fluid can bypass the piston through various orifices. As the piston passes through the fill holes into the pickup zone, the fluid is forced to flow through the piston check valve at full force, which creates rigidity to prevent sudden increases in load. In short, the bypass technology is fine-tuned to control wheel travel, so it’s like you’re getting four different dampers in one while driving.

Tundra TRD Shocks
Tundra TRD Shocks

What type of shocks give the smoothest ride?

What is the prime function of shock absorbers? To smooth out the bumps on the road, of course, and to improve the ride quality. They dampen shock impulses on rough surfaces. As an outcome, the driver feels pretty comfortable even when driving on the most challenging terrain. Without the Best shocks for Toyota Tundra, Tacoma or any other truck, your head will start to spin and you’ll get nauseous when pushing through a bumpy road.

But which shocks are the smoothest ones, though? Should you go with the mono-tube, or twin-tube design when buying a new set of absorbers? And what about the different types like gas-powered, heavy-duty, or air shocks? There are a number of beneficial options out there. So, let’s find the right investment for your hard-earned bucks.

Mono Vs. Twin Shock Absorbers

Either you are a big off-road fan or maybe you mostly prefer to drive on highways and city roads. This is the most important question that you must have to answer. Else, you won’t be able to find the right shock absorber for your truck. Different shock absorbers are better suited for different situations as the universal devices do not exist. Here is a quick overview of what mono and dual absorbers are best suited for.

Monotube are the single-tube shock absorbers, specially designed for trucks and SUVs, that handle climbs, descents, bumps and steep climbs perfectly. Nitrogen-powered, they’re a good investment if your F250 mostly prefers to conquer the desert. These devices are more suitable for harsh off-road conditions and can withstand impact.

Double tube: You might think that since single tube shocks are good on rough terrain, they’ll be even better on flat roads, but that’s actually not the case. Instead, you will feel a lack of control over the truck and the ride will not be nearly as pleasant as you expect. In contrast, twin-tube shocks are perfect for the highway. Without noise, vibration and rattling, it gives the impression that you are riding on oil.

Gas Shocks, Air Shocks or Heavy Duty Shocks.

Gas shocks:

If you have a medium sized truck or a compact SUV? Gas shock absorbers will suit your taste. These shock absorbers contain nitrogen to handle the ups and downs of the road with ease. Most 2020 and 2021 vehicles made in the US are equipped with this type of shock absorber. However, they will not be a great match for large cars. But for smaller gas shock absorbers, indeed, the smoothest.

Air Shocks:

 As you might guess, air shocks are compressed air based to keep impact impulses to a minimum. The best thing about these shocks is that they are pretty quiet, even when pushed to the limit. Again, they are not the best option for larger vehicles. They aren’t particularly cheap either. Consider air dampers if you have a relatively small car.

Heavy Duty Shocks:

For a big, strong and bulky truck/SUV (like the Tundra), heavy duty shock absorbers are the way to go. They have proven to be extremely capable in difficult situations and can navigate through layers of snow, mud, deep lakes and more. By the way, it’s not very easy to keep a full-size car balanced and smooth, so heavy duty shock absorbers cost as much as air shock absorbers.

Size of the Shocks:

Modern shock absorbers go from 16 to 24 inches. But does longer automatically mean better? The answer is no, not necessarily. The key point here to be noted is to find shock absorbers that are perfect for your vehicle. You will find all the necessary information on the manufacturer’s website, in the user manual, or you can simply ask the car dealer for help. And remember when you decide to raise your truck, you may need to buy a new set of shock absorbers to ensure optimum performance. So, although the size of the shock absorbers does not affect the smoothness of the ride, it should still be taken into account. That’s pretty much everything you need to know about the shocks which render ride smoothness.

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