Best Lift Kits For Toyota Tundra

Only Tundra owners know, it’s not a truck rather a beast because it’s too big and powerful enough truck that even can tow a space shuttle on the road. But when you want to drive off road there are some problems with the pre-installed factory shocks. Without bottoming out or losing traction the pre-installed stock suspension fail to handle bumps or steep climbs.

The problem can easily be vanished by installing a lift kit. The lift kits are designed to enhance the ground clearance which enables the truck to easily pass through the rocks and other kind of obstacles to prevent the lower body of vehicle from damage. This in return increases the off-road capability, the enhanced off road capability means you can drive your Toyota Tundra to almost any place in the world.

There are enormous lift kits are available in the market and it is very hard to choose the right kit that is suitable for your Toyota Tundra. You will become frustrated as the every claims they are best. We will help you to come out of this problem by giving reviews on the basis of thorough research. We did our best to provide the necessary information about the top and best lift kits. From different manufacturers several lift kits have been tested and analyzed by the automotive experts. On the basis of this research and reading the reviews of the customers we have chosen the following products for you.

The products mentioned below come from well-known manufacturers who have been producing quality products for many years, so you can trust them. We have effectively explained the features of each product and based our decision on customer feedback, price and the quality of the materials used in production to make sure it is worth your money.

1. Dynofit Lift Kit

The Dynofit Lift Kit is an extraordinary lift pack that incorporates lift evening out units for 2007 to 2021 Tundra 2WD 4WD models and 2007 to 2021 Toyota Sequoia 2WD/4WD models so you can partake in the advantages of greater tires and better ground freedom for most extreme control.

It comprises of produced T6 machined airplane grade aluminum and 10.9-12.9 grade bolts that give predominant erosion protection and perfection while driving. Moreover it will upgrade your vehicle’s stylish worth as well as its maneuverability and performance. Fine class bolts of 10.9-12.9 can be handily utilized without eliminating the heads because of the great strength of the material. This bolt is more averse to hinder you, thereby saving aside your precious time and cash.

Besides these advantages it also provides an enhanced ground clearance of 3 inches at the front and 2 inches at the back, which adds to the general width of your driving experience. Extra ground freedom will permit you to effortlessly conquer knocks and different impediments. The lift stature of the front is more noteworthy than the back because of the suspension bar that is introduced to assist the front of your vehicle with abstaining from hitting the ground during an accident.

Because of the dark anodized surface, this product is exceptionally impervious to corroision, so you can involve it in any climate and it will look great for quite a while. It has a decent design and equilibrium, which makes the vehicle stable while driving at higher rates without slipping or wobbling. This isn’t just an attractive looking, yet in addition a practical lift pack that gives your vehicle a strong and tough look.

Likewise, the pressing box contains 2 front lift spacers, 2 back lift blocks, 4 broadened U-bolts with Pro Shock-Proof box, utilized for:

2 x Front Strut Bars – For equalizing the front of your vehicle so there are no rough streets while driving.

2 back lift blocks – to raise the rear of your vehicle so you can pivot without any problem

4 long U-bolts – used to change the rake and camber on the front pivot

Along with these features there is also a Professional Shock-Proof box containing all fundamental equipment in addition to installation manual for the client.

The installation method is straightforward and will require 1-2 hours. Just fundamental tools are expected for arrangement. The brand offers a 2-year guarantee on this item that enables you to get benefit if there is any manufacturing fault or any issue while installation. The company will assist you if any issue arise.

Dynofit Lift Kit
Dynofit Lift Kit

2. Readylift 69-5276 Lift Kit

Readylift 69-5276 is the most outstanding lift kit that is specifically designed for your Toyota Tundra. It is the more beneficial kit for you because its built on Smart Suspension Technology that is far better than regular leveling kits for the below reasons:

1. The alignment kit works with tires of one size, while this device allows you to use larger tires.

2. Cheaper alternative to a big lift kit.

3. This system is fully bolted and requires no cutting or modification.

4. It is easy to set up and does not require modification.

5. If you don’t need it, it’s easy to remove.

Ground clearance increased. The maximum ground clearance is 3 inches in the front and 2 inches in the rear so you can negotiate difficult road stairs, curbs and slopes with ease. The max diameter of tire required for this kit is 35 inches. We liked the skid plate struts as they provide extra protection from rock damage and the skid plate is lowered when using differential brackets.

Another great feature is the swing-out sway bar brackets, which help reduce preload on the sway bar and allow for more flexibility. With aftermarket and standard anti-roll bars this kit works very well. Precision-manufactured top rack extensions are designed to position the rack at the same mounting angle position. In common practice this kit can be installed on all 2007-2018 Toyota Tundras including TRD, SR5, Rock Warrior (Double Cab, Crew Max, Standard Cab), both 2WD and 4WD models, and especially TRD model trucks.

Readylift 69-5276 Lift Kit

3. Supreme Suspensions Lift Kit

This product is made from T6 aircraft grade billet aluminum that provides a yield strength of at least 35,000 psi so it won’t break or flex that could damage your truck. The two Pro-Billet series rack spacers are made from T6 billet aluminum with high pressure CNC machined threads that can support more weight than others. When a Strut shim is installed, it changes the angle of the lower control arm, increasing lift beyond what the thickness of the shim indicates.

Anodized coating is applied to this lift kit material using metal fabrication technology to give a high-strength surface and prevent corrosion and oxidation. It can support up to 6000 lbs at each end with two high tensile steel conical lifting blocks.

The packaging box contains the following materials, which are used for:

(4x) Square Bend U-Bolts – Manufactured from high quality steel for durability and safety.

(1x) Brake Proportional Valve Travel Bracket – Made from high quality anodized steel to resist corrosion and rust for longer life

In addition, the installation of this lifting kit is simple thanks to the instructions provided in the user manual and requires only two to four hours without the need for specialists and special tools. When you raise or lower the height of your vehicle, an alignment is always suggested. All in all, this strong and lightweight climbing material won’t compress or flex even under the heaviest weights or under the toughest riding conditions thanks to its legendary strength and lightness.

Supreme Suspensions Lift Kit
Supreme Suspensions Lift Kit


KSP Performance is the best low cost lift kit for Toyota Tundra. To ensure smoother ride and safe driving experience it is made from aircraft-grade billet aluminum. With two Aircraft Billet spacers, it raises the height of the truck up to 2 inches from the front and saves space between the tire and the fender so you can put the truck wider. In addition, the massive 10.9 grade bolts are forged for maximum strength and can withstand any load or pressure from the vehicle. In addition, the powder-coated material protects against corrosion, extends the service life and protects the lifting kit from external damage.

What we liked most is the installation process which is quite simple and it is explained below:

First, you need to find a flat and level surface. Then you need to remove the tire and use the jacks for safety. Now you must remove the tire, wheel arches and brake caliper. Then install the lifting kit on the vehicle. Tighten the bolts with a wrench. Finally, assemble the wheel arches and brake caliper. Factory bolts are used to secure all parts of this KSP lift kit for Toyota Tundra. You’ll love that this mounting system will give your truck an aggressive look and provide more ground clearance, allowing you to run larger tires or rims. This lift kit will fit 1999-2006 Tundra 2WD 4WD but not compatible with Tundra Rock Warrior model or TRD suspension kit. In general, the manufacturer provides a 30-day refund and a 24-month free replacement of parts in case of any defect.


5. WULF Suspensions Lift Kit

After reviewing this product, we learned that it is compatible with 2007-2020 Toyota Tundra 4X4 models, which is a big advantage for this suspension lift kit. The WULF Suspension Lift Kit provides 3″ front lift with the following features:

3″ steel strut spacers, powder coated. This raises the body to allow larger wheels and tires to be fitted. In addition, the weight is kept under control thanks to the lighter components used in the suspension.

Differential gasket kit 1″. The lower part of the differential is covered with a steel spacer of ideal thickness. This ensures a favorable result of lifting the truck with a comfortable level of ground clearance.

Bottom Plate Spacers – The frame is raised with these spacers to protect the undercarriage.

The rear lift is 2 inches and has the following special features:

Adjustable lifting lugs for 1″, 1.5″, or 2″ lifts. The frame is lifted with these adjustable lifting braces. This provides improved suspension performance by lowering or raising the suspension according to your requirements.

WULF Stealth Nitro Gas Shocks – These shock absorbers absorb bumps, thereby improving the truck’s handling on uneven surfaces. The shock absorbers also prevent further damage due to suspension failure and provide a smoother ride around corners and uneven terrain.

Free Red Shock Dust Boots – The shocks are wrapped in a red dust cover to keep them from getting dirty. In addition, the accumulation of dust is prevented, and thanks to this feature, the shock absorbers perform at their best.

Springs come with a lifetime warranty and parts come with a limited warranty. Installation is easy as it comes with detailed instructions as well as a video tutorial in the user manual.

WULF Suspensions Lift Kit
WULF Suspensions Lift Kit


How much does it cost to lift a Tundra?

The cost of installing a lift kit on your Toyota Tundra depends on whether you can do the lift yourself or if you are going to have your truck delivered to a professional. Upon installing a lift kit you will get lift of about two to twelve inches above the ground. Lift kits are designed to level the all four sides of the vehicle that means they are more costly than the standard leveling kits that only lift the front or back wheels of the vehicle.

Smaller lift kits that raise the car two inches can typically cost anywhere from $400 to $12,000. Large lift kits that raise the body more than six inches will typically set you back between $11,000 and $14,000. By using the plan of multi-manufacturer now it is possible to divide the cost over time. You should expect to pay twenty to hundred and twenty dollars a month depending on the bundle. 

Do-it-yourself lifting:

If you want to install a lift kit on your own then make sure you can do it and also performed this job before. It is more likely that you may spoil your truck if you are not familiar with the work. Moreover to overcome any damage will cost you more than the actual price of the kit. You can easily install it within a couple of hours if you are a professional. If not you would have to subject your truck for steering adjustment and wheels alignment that cost you somewhat ranging from seventy to two hundred dollars.

Professional lifting:

If you planned to lift your truck by the help of a professional technician, then always make sure that he has done the perfect work. The cost for the installation of lifting kit may depends on the store you opt. Choosing a less amount kit will be charged around 200 dollars and installing a bigger and expensive kit can charge you almost 2000 dollars. If your technician further needs to adjust the steering and wheels or even service rest of the car, then you may have to pay more.   

On concluding we can say that purchasing and mounting a leveling kit can cost $400 to $4,000 if you do it yourself, while a professional lift can cost $800 to $8,000. Prior to making any assurance, be certain to inquire and shop around to make assured you find the right lift kit.

How high can you lift a Toyota Tundra?

If you have a Toyota Tundra and want to increase its height. But don’t know which lifting kit size should you choose that also makes best match with the wheels of your truck? You can spend several hours browsing forums to find specifications. In this matter we will help you to get out of frustration and help you choose the right kit to increase the size. Let’s take a look at our very simple guide where we will show you exactly what will fit on your Tundra either a 3″ lift kit or a 6″ lift kit.

The leveling Kit

If your Tundra currently has an alignment kit fixed, we typically see a 20×9 wheel with a 295/60 tire for these trucks. This will give you that nice, beefy rig that matches the slight lift your Tundra now has. In this example, we can see that the Tundra gazes aggressive enough to appeal attention, but elusive enough not to stand out. This setting is perfect for those who want their daily driver to stand out a little more, but not too much.

3 Inch Suspension Lift

Next up is a 3-inch suspension lift. We opted for a 3″ lift over a 4″ simply because Tundra owners tend to use 3″ more than 4. This will only give you about an inch more lift than a leveling kit, so again, not too much. but will give you a noticeable difference in size. What we usually see on the Tundra is a 20×9 wheel with a 305/55 tire. More lift means you can fit bigger tires to complete the look and not give the impression that your Tundra has missed the day.

6 Inch Suspension Lift

If you’re more of the type of person who wants to be noticed and who likes to look flashy or extremely aggressive, this is for you. The 6″ lifters will give you a big jump in size and completely transform the look of your Tundra. Tundras with a 6″ lift usually switch to a negative offset wheel to give them a rack/show look and we usually see 20×12-44s with a 35×12.5 tire. As you can see from the truck below, the 6″ lift will make your Tundra a real beast.

What does a leveling kit do for a Tundra?

To understand what benefits you will get upon installing a leveling kit first we had to understand what is the difference between leveling and lifting.

Lifting Vs. leveling – what’s the difference?

Both lifting and leveling provide you increased ground clearance and are also suitable for large tires. But with a leveling kit, you raise the front of your truck to equalize with the standard rear height. On average the height increment is about 1-2 inches. Leveling kits are easy to install than the lifting kits. By altering the suspension parts Lift kits can lift your truck much higher. You can enhance the height of your truck from two inches to ten inches or more if you select a custom alteration. Your truck will need new dampers, springs, control arms, and possibly a new driveshaft to lift your truck depending on the desired height. Be aware that increasing wheel-to-hub spacing and using larger tires may require aftermarket wheels to be replaced.

Several aftermarket brands such as Bilstein and ToyTec manufacture custom leveling kits specifically for trucks and SUVs. To help the Tundra last long and stay comfortable these kits have superior damping capabilities. For a smooth and calm ride these adjustable kits offer dampers that instantly adapt to any road surface. The large diameter shock absorber has a multi-layer zinc coating that is resistant to corrosion. Moreover these kits are made to order for Tundra models. They have an easy bolt-on installation process and a limited lifetime warranty. Usually the price varies from 80 to 800 dollars.

Do lift kits hurt your truck?

The lift kit is an optional feature that is not intended for use by the manufacturer. That means either you install yourself or with the help of a mechanic there are some drawbacks that might arise upon installing them. Here are a few problems that lift kits can cause.

Warranty void

If your truck is under warranty then adding a lift kit might spoil the warranty of your truck. The company most likely won’t pay for damage to your truck because of kit installed because these are the modifications that didn’t come with the factory made truck. You must read the instructions printed on the kit to know about any possible harm it may cause to your truck while making a purchase for the lift kill to install on your truck who is under warranty. Some manufacturers may allow the installation of 2″ lift kits, but this is not guaranteed.

Poor Handling

Lift kits can harm the handling of your truck. It is affected by suspension parts, so it’s not strange to say that suspension lift kits will affect handling greater than the body lift kits. Your truck would be unstable due to the higher center of gravity. You should have to be careful while driving and need to be slow drive because any sharp turn may possibly lead you to rollover. You may feel the steering has become more harder because lots of force would be required to handle longer parts.

Faster Wear & Tear

Having increased height that means you will attach bigger tires to your truck. Moreover these kits demand your truck to bear longer parts under the hood and bigger tires. As the large tires put more pressure on ball joints, dampers, and axles therefore they will wear out faster and needs to be replaced. Bigger tires will also require more engine power from the truck to keep the truck moving, which will also contribute to vehicle wear. Furthermore you had to spend more money on the maintenance of your truck because it will wear out faster as compared to unaltered truck.