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Review on Top Leveling Kit for Tundra

Although Toyota Tundra Truck is a great piece of automobile marvel yet all people don’t like its front unequal suspension which is deformed with time as it spoils the stunning look of the truck and also affects its performance. To equalize the truck’s suspensions and makes it looks perfectly stunning, embedding it with a suitable leveling kit is the best option in this regard.

The Toyota Tundra is a fantastic truck with accurate hauling and towing abilities and good performance. It has the amazing off-road capability and a host of aftermarket parts to enhance its performance in any circumstance. In terms of power, the V8 engine delivers excellent performance. It has a fascinating inner look with roomy chairs.

The truck comes with Toyota Safety Sense, which is a safety system for driver safety and assistance. As compared to other similar trucks on the market the factory suspension is slightly stiffer. The steering is precise and the turning radius is 44 feet. The Tundra also delivers powerful and extremely fast braking.

In terms of truck handling, the Tundra is big in size, and it can be a little difficult for inexperienced drivers to drive through narrow roads. In order to improve off-road capability, the Tundra can be equipped with an Off-Road package.

When does Tundra need leveling?

There are several reasons why you might want to increase or decrease your Tundra levels. Leveling up your truck allows you to bear even heavier loads and also improves the look of your truck. It also helps with off-road driving that requires facing large obstacles. The alignment kit prevents the truck body from touching the ground due to heavy bumpers and the load of the winches. To match the height of the rear suspension for hauling and towing the Tundra Leveling Kit is a great option to raise the front suspension.

Does Toyota Manufacture the leveling kits?

However the Toyota automobile corporation is one of the biggest automobile industries in the world that is manufacturing thousands of different types of cars, SUVs, trucks, and their spare parts, but they do not actually make the leveling kits for the Tundra trucks. Instead many aftermarket brands such as ToyTec, Torxe, and Bilstein offer custom alignment kits specifically for trucks and SUVs. These kits provide the truck with superior damping capabilities that help the Tundra last long and stay comfortable on the track. These adjustable kits offer dampers that instantly adapt to any road surface for a smooth and calm ride. These kits are specially made for Tundra models. They have an easy installation process which is done with bolts and a limited lifetime warranty.

How much lift is needed to level a Tundra?

If you want to upgrade your Toyota Tundra the best thing you can do is install a leveling kit which is also known as a front lift kit. Alignment kits are usually steel or aluminum shims that are added to the top of the front suspension coil assembly. These struts raise the front of the truck to align with the rear without significantly changing the suspension, ride, or handling of the vehicle. When properly installed, the alignment kit will enhance the look of your truck without affecting the performance of your truck.

Leveling kits are made based on the fact that the back of most trucks is about 2 inches higher than the front. This is by design that the rear end is taller because it’s designed to compensate for the natural flex of the suspension when the car is fully loaded. Because most of the people drive their trucks when they’re not loaded to their maximum payload, they usually don’t get the benefit of having the rear lift higher than the front.

Adding spacers to the front suspension levels the empty truck, but one of the main benefits is the extra clearance we get. Leveling kits range from 1.5″ to 3″ which means that on the Tundra at least we can upsize our tires to an overall diameter of 33″, which is about an inch more than the overall diameter of a standard tire on the Tundra models 2007 or greater. All among these the best thing is that the alignment kit is not anything more than spacers, neither the stock Tundra’s ride nor will handling is any affected.

The only pitfall to adding a leveling kit, aside from the cost, is the slightly higher height of the truck. There is also the possibility of premature tire wear, but this is only if the kit is installed poorly or incorrectly. Contrary to what some dealers claim, adding an alignment kit will not affect your factory warranty if installed correctly. So you must install your kit with the help of a professional mechanic.

A good leveling kit contains differential spacers, strut spacers, and some new parts. As far as materials are concerned, we like the leveling kits with metal components better than the polyurethane kits. Polyurethane kits typically require re-tightening over several thousand miles and there are many examples of polyurethane kit failures. At first glance, urethane/polyurethane lift kits seem like a reasonable, low-cost alternative to machined aluminum or powder-coated steel. However, significant wear can cause serious deformation problems, requiring a replacement of the kit or likely a replacement of the front tire.

When purchasing an alignment kit, we recommend that you read the installation instructions before purchasing so that you understand exactly how the kit works and what steps are required to install it. We’ve found that the least expensive kits usually require the most labor, so be sure to weigh in advance the negligible cost of extra time under your truck. When considering installation, most alignment kit instructions suggest home installation takes 2 to 4 hours with simple hand tools. Instead for most people, this is not a bare truth. While almost everyone has the basic tools needed for installation on hand, many popular kits require a rack compressor and a couple of hydraulic jacks to complete the installation. Because most home mechanics we know don’t have a rack compressor or more than one hydraulic jack.

Now we put emphasis on the question of how much lift is needed to level a Tundra? As we have experienced kits that can lift 1 inch, 2 inches, and more all these claim that they will level your truck and we want to know the exact amount of lift for our truck. As we know the front end of Tundra is slightly lower than the rear end and it is factory-made.

We can add springs that are manufactured by several auto parts companies like Wheelers OffRoad to adjust the truck level. They will lift the front about 2 inches and also provides an aggressive look to your truck. Depending upon the model you are using the Tundra can be lifted ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 inches with the help of a leveling kit. To level the front of your truck 2.5-inch 3-inch suspension leveling kit is the most suitable way to align the front of the car with the rear, allowing you to set the desired angle. With a front top strut extension kit, this kit can accommodate up to a 33-inch tire.

Some companies manufacture 6-inch rugged kits, you’ll never look at your Tundra truck the same again after installing a 6-inch Tundra kit. This type of kit is a sort of complete transformation for your truck with a durable skid plate, lift knuckles, and all the brackets and fasteners you need to get your truck back to factory geometry and provide extra ground clearance. There is another type of kit that is called bolt-on kits that offer simple installation and provides an aggressive look to your truck. Moreover, they are budget-friendly and will transform your truck at a reasonable price.

Do leveling kits hurt your truck?

The leveling kits are designed to lift the truck body through its axles. This result enables you to install larger tires on them or increase the possible ground clearance. Your equipment will raise the front of the truck a bit to match the stock height at the rear. Most kits provide a maximum lift of about two inches at the front. If you want a standard-style stance with a truck leveling kit, then you can pair it with space blocks with rear leaf springs to raise all four corners slightly. Most only need spring spacers or torsion wrenches to get the results they want. This result can be compared to a lift kit that can lift your truck much higher in the air. There are many shapes and sizes that can give you up to 10 inches or more of headroom, requiring new suspension systems, control arms, dampers, and other equipment. It is not uncommon for a truck lift kit to also require a new driveshaft.

However, besides several benefits of the leveling kits, there are some drawbacks also which can affect the performance and health of your truck.

1. Your truck’s suspension may wear out faster.

Truck leveling kits can also put more pressure on suspension components. The added stress of modification can cause them to wear out faster than the normal wear they experience. These vehicles are usually made to work in a certain way, so changing anything in their specifications can change the user experience. If you are driving a four-wheel-drive truck, then the front CV joints will be under more stress than usual. You will also create additional ball joint wear in any truck after adjusting the front suspension. Even adding 1 inch and not 2 inches to create more balance can reduce the impact of this problem.

2. Does not change the general appearance of the truck.

Some truck owners buy an alignment kit thinking it will drastically change the look of their vehicle. Because most of these products only give you about two inches of clearance, the result is hardly noticeable. You need a lift kit to get the extra height you often need. This product is made for creating balance. If you don’t consider this shortcoming before purchasing, you may find that the equipment you receive is a waste of money compared to the desired results.

3. This may adversely affect fuel economy.

When you install a truck alignment kit, you are changing the overall profile of your vehicle. Typically, when making this change, you will encounter more wind resistance, requiring more work from the engine to achieve the same power. This means that you will burn more fuel in order to overcome the air drag. While the changes aren’t drastic, just one tire size increase can be enough to reduce efficiency by 2 mpg in the city and 3 mpg on the highway. Adding a kit will increase this amount by 25-50%, according to your vehicle and engine.

4. There is a risk of voiding the vehicle warranty.

If you’ve purchased a brand new truck, then you’ve probably paid approximately between $2,500 and $7,500 for a warranty as part of the cost. It is not uncommon for a warranty to be voided if you make unauthorized modifications to the truck. Lift kits are usually included in these conditions. Some dealers may be hesitant to even work on the truck, let alone repair it, if something happens while you’ve made such modifications to it. For the older models, this disadvantage does not matter, which has ended the warranty period. You can refer to your truck manufacturer’s website and/or owner’s manual to see if an alignment kit may void your warranty.

5. You may have inaccurate readings from your HUD(Head-up-Display).

Car manufacturers provide you with information through the speedometer, odometer, and other devices to ensure your safety and compliance with local rules and regulations. Torque, transmission, and traction control depend on the distance the tire travels in a full revolution. You will see these readings which are dependent on the outside diameter of the tire and wheel. If you make a big enough change after installing the truck leveling kit, your speed will appear lower than it really is due to this design issue. If you make dramatic changes to your tires, it can change those settings to the point where you can degrade your truck’s performance. If your primary purpose of the alignment kit is to fit a larger wheel, it may be helpful to speak to a qualified installer or your dealer to get the problem resolved.

6. Still need to consider the cost of the alignment kit.

An alignment kit will make your truck stand out from the rest in your community even if your new wheel and tire package have enough clearance to work with your current setup. While you’re adding a lift at a discount, it’s not uncommon for a kit to cost up to $1,000 which is based on your make and model, overall balance, and the quality of the gaskets and fittings that come with the product. Some kits will give you up to three inches of clearance while most options offer a maximum of two inches of lift.

Does a leveling kit affect ride quality?

In most cases, if you install your alignment kit correctly, it won’t affect your ride quality. However, if you purchased a cheap leveling kit and try to install it at home, it’s possible that it will affect the ride quality. If you’re worried whether a leveling kit affects ride quality or not, it can happen with inexperienced installation. Many minute mistakes can be made during the process of kit installation. While they may seem minor at the time but they may come back to harm you later. That is why it is always advised to seek the help of a professional if confident in your ability to install the leveling kit.

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