Bilstein 6112 Tundra Review

Bilstein 6112 is a suspension kit that contains highly durable set of shocks which are built for serious off-road drivers. They give your Tundra truck a good enough ground clearance. The enough ground clearance means the more off-road capability. The enthusiastic drivers get an opportunity to enhance their off road experience. With the Bilstein 6112 range of adjustable shocks you can improve ride quality both on and off road, it is a great suspension kit for those customers who want to elevate the front end of their Tundra, , while staying at a price point that maximizes your bottom line. The new 6112 is on par with Toyota’s TRD Pro shock range, a substantial upgrade over the stock OEM shocks.

Once your truck is lifted, the stock upper arms become the limiting factor and reduce the performance of your suspension. Its upper arms solve these problems and more. Depending on your budget and type of use, you can choose between its tubular and block unitized levers and its tubular cross arm. You can increase wheel travel with a part that is significantly stronger and will last longer in extreme conditions. The Bilstein has also designed wide angle arms and modified the camber curve to adjust the geometry so the car aligns properly and improves ride and handling both on and off road.

Is Bilstein 6112 good?

Bilstein is specifically designed for the seekers of serious off road adventurers. With a 60mm deflection piston the front coilover kit optimizes the off road and on road capabilities to enhance more damping control. It is the ultimate suspension solution that feature an adjustable spring mount that is perfect for jacking or leveling up the car and increasing the ground clearance. Moreover it also fits to the larger tires of trucks and SUVs.

For easy and quick adjustment to your vehicle’s ride height some off-road shocks have multiple OEM-specific circlip grooves. These shocks with circlip ride height technology are more affordable and are the best alternative to spring pads when it’s the matter of leveling the front of your light truck or SUV.

Over the rough terrain a smoother and more in control ride is achieved by the help of 60mm off-road piston. This benefit is gained due to the larger surface area of the piston that in result enhances the damping capacity of the shock absorbers and delivers more accurate and balanced performance in rough and tough conditions. There is also an enhanced space for lubricant that provides additional cooling and long lasting equipment life.

The key features of Bilstein 6112 include:

•The 60mm indented piston enhances ride comfort and control over rough terrain.

•Large 60mm housing for increased oil capacity, cooling and durability

car tuning

•Adjustable spring seat provides 0″ to 2.75″ lift depending on application.

•Single tube design ensures stable performance without fading in all conditions.

•Kit includes two 60mm shocks, two blank anodized spring seats and two springs.

•Custom made cold torsion linear springs for improved vehicle handling and ride comfort.

•Available for the latest trucks and SUVs with front suspension.

•BILSTEIN B8 5160 recommended for rear applications.

Which is better Bilstein 5100 or 6112?

To get down to the business these shock absorbers are designed for different kind of vehicles and drivers. The 60mm piston and 2.65 inches heavy body of the 6112 is suitable for the thrilling off road drive explorers. On the other hand those who are weekend warriors or who just need to drive their truck in the holidays for camping; the 5100 series is best for them. The 5100 series is designed for the routine driver who is also fond of weekend trails. For nearly a decade it has been a standard shock for late model trucks and SUVs.   

With the introduction of Bilstein’s latest suspension for the latest model trucks, the amazingly powerful and thick 6112 shock, a debate has been broke out between the newcomer and the existing 5100 series. The table  below shows the objective differences between both shocks.

ShockBilstein 6112Bilstein 5100
Body Size2.65 inches1.95 inches
Body MaterialSteelSteel
FinishZinc PlatedZinc Plated
Piston size60mm46mm
Shaft Size18mm14mm
Rod MaterialChrome Plated SteelChrome Plated Steel
Coil Springs IncludedYesNo
Bilstein 6112 Vs. 5100

Although both Bilstein 6112 and 5100 are the best option for a suspension system and can be installed in various trucks like Tundra, 4Runner, Tacoma, and F150 but all in all the 6112 is much better than 5100 in many ways.

As both of these shocks are built to provide smooth and comfortable ride but the 6112 has a better handling of body rolls and nosedives, moreover it has a better damping performance than 5100. It has been noticed that over rough terrains, potholes, uneven pavements, bumps, and cornering at high speed are best tackled by 6112 as compared to 5100. The compression to rebound transition is more rapid on 5100 while the transition on 6112 is more noticeable and therefore the ride feels more stability. Due to larger diameter the overall ride quality in off road handling and daily driving is definitely much better on 6112. Combination-wise, a Bilstein 6112 front and 5100 rear is a good combo, but if want to use the 5100’s max height setting, which can result in more perceptible body roll, you might want to go for the 6112/. Combination 5160 which is a better alternate.

Both the Bilstein 6112 and 5100 are adaptable and enable you to alter the ride height, but 5100 uses stock coilovers while 6112 comes with standard coilovers. Furthermore, if you’re going to use 6112 for the front, it would be better to replace the factory rear shocks with 5100 or better 5160 which have a remote reservoir and complement the 6112’s performance. Both of these suspension solutions are good, so if price is an issue you can go for the 5100, however if the money is no problem then Bilstein 6112 is the best and you won’t be disappointed.

Is Bilstein 6112 adjustable?

The Bilstein 6112 shocks feature an adjustable spring mount, ideal for leveling or jacking up the vehicle, thereby increasing the ground clearance and fits perfect on larger tires. Bilstein B8 6112 Alignment Kits are designed to increase ground clearance, allow installation of larger tires and increased wheel travel. Multiple circlip grooves in the body allow the spring to be installed in a variety of positions, thereby providing 0.875 inches to 2.5 inches forward lift depending on the application. These kits are comprised of two 60mm shocks paired with two custom cold wound coil springs and two billet spring seats made of aluminium. Large 60mm reversible piston provides improved damping control for best on-road and off-road performance. Experience the fabulous Bilstein off-road experience with the best direct fit spring and damper package for your light truck or SUV.

In order to add proper height to your vehicle we have provided the following charts from which one can easily adjust the proper ride height with their Bilstein 6112 shocks.

Chart for 4WD ride:

Circlip LocationAll Specs
#42.5 inches
#31.9 inches
#21.3 inches
#10.875 inches

Chart for 2WD drive:

Circlip LocationAll Specs
#43.3 inches
#32.7 inches
#22.1 inches
#11.5 inches

Coilover suspension should always be installed by a professional. Theoretically, the suspension can be replaced by yourself (with the necessary knowledge), but installation in a specialized workshop or by an experienced automotive mechatronics engineer is always the safest option. By using a shock absorber or suspension with adjustable damping force, you can individually respond to your own driving preferences. This means that both comfort-oriented and sporty drivers can find their preferred setting. Coilovers with parallel adjustment of rebound and compression damping provide maximum individuality by easily adjusting the damping force even when they are installed.

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