Bilstein 6112 Vs. 5100 Tundra

Bilstein is a reputed brand of shocks that is manufacturing its products for wide range of trucks and SUVs, including Toyota Tundra, Tacoma, 4Runner, etc. Most Bilstein shock absorbers are application specific and have been designed and tuned for a specific vehicle. A shock absorber designed for one vehicle may not fit or function properly in a completely different application. However the Bilstein 6112 and 5100 are both suitable for your Toyota Tundra. In this article we will review the characteristics of both Bilstein shocks when they installed to a Toyota Tundra.

First have a look on 6112, it is formulated for the stern off-road adventure lovers. The all new Bilstein 6112 kit series is an ultimate suspension option. For enhance damping control the 6112 shocks regulates the off-road and on-road capabilities with the help of 60mm digressive piston.This kit also contains specially designed cold springs and a changeable spring seat that enables drivers to install larger tires, vehicle leveling, and provides increased ground clearance. Kit includes two 60mm shocks, two coated springs and two spring seats which are also zinc coated. 6112 is a direct bolt application for the latest half ton trucks and SUVs upon which factory coilover suspension are usually installed. Kit 6112 reuses OEM top mount and is basically meant for front application and spring isolators. For maximum enactment, Bilstein recommends the 5160 series remote reservoir shock for the rear suspension. In order to install the front struts a single coil spring compressor is required. The coil spring yoke is adjustable with a retaining ring on the shank, allowing height adjustment from the lowest setting that is 0.5 inches from stem height to the highest setting 2.5 inches from stem height.

The key specification that your Toyota Tundra will get upon installing this kit include:

  • Front pair of struts and springs along with rear pair of shock absorbers that are compatible with 07-17 TUNDRA two wheel or four wheel drive.
  • The strut and spring are not assembled; installation requires a spring compressor. Front height adjustment is achieved by 5 positions of the spring clamp, which allows you to raise the car to a height of up to 2.5 inches.
  • 6112 A-pillar & Springs: Thick 60mm shock body provides more fluid capacity than the 5100 and 4600 series for more aggressive driving and increased durability.
  • The factory shock mounting bolts are reused for installation and includes all necessary washers, bushings and nuts.
  • To protect your truck against defects and premature failure Bilstein provides limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Those people who want to elevate the front of their Tundra the new Bilstein 6112 series is the right option for them. As the shocks are adjustable and enhances the ride quality both off-road and on-road without the hike in the price and light on your budget. The new 6112 is in compition with the TRD-pro shock range and is a thousand dollar upgrade over the standard OEM shocks. When your tundra gets lifted up, the upper arms of the shocks become limiting unit and may reduce the outcome of your suspension. Depending on your budget and type of use, you can choose between its tubular and block unitized levers and its tubular cross arm. In extreme conditions wheel travel can be increased with a part that is significantly stronger and will last longer. Bilstein have also designed wide angle arms and modified the camber curve to adjust the geometry so the car aligns properly and improves ride and handling both on and off road. The key features of Bilstein 6112 include Adjustable shock absorbers for 1″-2.75″ lift, Increased wheel travel, Fixed suspension geometry, Improved on-road and off-road driving, 100% bolted, and Made in USA.

Bilstein 6112
Bilstein 6112

On the other hand the Bilstein 5100 front and rear shock absorbers are manufactured for direct mounting on lift trucks and SUVs. To ensure stable performance without fading these shock absorbers feature a single tube design. The 5100 shock absorbers use a unique speed-sensing piston that responds to altering road conditions. To certify optimum performance all front and rear 5100 shocks are regulated for each specific application. The 5100 shock absorbers dramatically improve the ride quality, handling and comfort of your 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra. The major components of Bilstein 5100 include front and rear shock absorbers, 5100 Series Height-Adjustable Front Shocks that deliver 0.87, 1.57, or 2.28 inches of lift. Part # 24-232173, The 5100 Series rear shocks operate with 0 to 1 inch of lift. Part No. 24-321150, includes 4 shock absorbers, and much more.

The factory installed front struts and stock shocks on your 2007-2021 Tundra aren’t exactly known for handling, and they definitely don’t do anything to lessen your Tundra’s reprobate and enhance ground clearance for the big tires. The Bilstein Complete 5100 Leveling Shock Kit enables you to solve both problems in one package without making downfall in your budget. The 5100 kit significantly improves your Tundra’s handling and suspension performance as the kit comes with a pair of front leveling struts with adjustable ride height levels that can increase up to 2.3 inches of front road height to your Tundra. This kit also includes a pair of 5100 rear shocks that greatly reduce rear end bounce and slip relative to stock and can accommodate up to 1″ of extra rear height, allowing you to mount a 1″ rear block set a little higher than the sheets. With no permanent modifications to your Tundra The kit fits right into place with your factory shock and strut assemblies.

To resist corrosion each of these shock absorbers has a heavy-duty steel body with a zinc-plated finish. All shocks feature a single-tube, gas-filled internal design with a deflecting piston and a self-adjusting deflecting valve, allowing each shock to operate at different ride heights and improve your truck’s off-road articulation. During heavy and long off-road driving all four shocks have a large diameter of 46mm, thereby giving them a huge oil volume for less wear and tear. The A-pillar assemblies have 0.87-inch, 1.57-inch, and 2.3-inch ride-height alignment settings, allowing you to choose how high you want your front end to be. This complete kit is a direct replacement for your bolt-on factory made shock absorbers and can be used with factory rear leaf springs and front coil springs.


Which is better Bilstein 5100 or 6112?

Shock absorbers are the very important element for your car. There are tremendous options to look for when you are in search for the replacement shock absorber for your vehicle. Helpless to know what to choose? Then keep reading the post until the end. Compared to the Bilstein 6112 Vs 5100 shocks, the shocks differ in many ways. So which one will you drive? You can choose the perfect setting based on your needs. See how they differ in cost and performance.

It’s quite normal to feel confused when you come across these two hugely popular series. It may be difficult for you to make a wise verdict in such a situation. The following comparison chart will help you choose the right product easily according to your needs.

Bilstein 6112Bilstein 5100
Body Size: 2.65 inches1.95 inches
Piston Size: 60mm46mm
Body Material: SteelSteel
Finish: Zinc PlatedZinc Plated
Springs Inc.: YesNo
Rod Size: 18mm14mm
Rod Material: Chrome Plated SteelChrome Plated Steel
Height can be adjusted in 5 different waysl.Height can be adjusted in 3 different ways.
Linear Spring Enhances vehicle control and the ride comfort.The monotube design provides consistent performance.
Tuning for the specific vehicle.Enables high flow pistons to reduce harshness.

Both series are very popular and the off-road and weekend riders will find great support in them. This series also has some far-fetched options for everyday drivers.

The Bilstein 6112 has some profound features that make it the most efficient and outstanding shock absorber kit in the market. Monotonous dampers are great for both off-road and on-road riding. Nitrogen gas designs at 300 psi are claimed to have longer life. In addition, larger body sizes and piston allow for a faster transition, which in turn makes your actuator last longer. While with this Bilstein 5100 Suspension assembly, you can renovate your vehicle’s suspension at no extra cost. This kit is very comfortable for everyday driving. Designed in a mount, this cushioning means it fits perfectly and has a moderate price. It’s not too expensive and your car will gain good health from this durable suspension system.

Height adjustment:

You will immediately realize that their bodies are of different sizes. The difference becomes apparent as soon as you hold the percussion bodies in your hands. In addition to the 5100’s 3 adjustable height settings, the 6112 shocks also have 5 height settings. Height adjustment settings have been added to the 6112 to suit the different equipment configurations that users use to equip their vehicles.


Although adjusted differently, each series is a good choice for drivers. The Bilstein 5100 and 6112 series offer a number of advantages for specific reasons. Bilstein 5100 Series shocks provide superior control and balance so your truck rides in perfect harmony with great performance. Their top importance is to provide speed sensitivity, handling, ride quality, and lightness. The Bilstein 5100 series will help you customize your truck. Though, Bilstein 6112 shocks are not able to ride well in most road conditions. The ones on top ensure that your truck can ride rough, flat or wet roads with ease, but the Bilstein 6112 shock is not designed for harsh conditions.

Setting difference:

The Bilstein 6112 shocks and 5160 shocks both with a unique increase in suspension travel appear to have different suspension settings. If we compare Bilstein 5100 Vs. Models 6112 FJ Cruiser and 5100 FJ Cruiser series are the best choice when transferring settings. Other models also benefit from transferring settings. The top shock absorber has extra suspension travel to give the rider a better grip on the ground. Plus, both provide better ground control as well as better grip and safety.

Transition capability:

As a general rule, Bilstein 5100 line shocks provide more travel and transient capability for the smoothest possible ride. They also ensure that your truck is better controlled and maintained. If you really want to travel fast and carefree, then Bilstein 5100 series shocks can be your priority. Instead, high-performance Bilstein 6112 shocks have fast conversions that transfer kinetic energy consistently. The top of your truck provides constant kinetic energy for movement.

Composing material:

The comparison of the Bilstein 5100 and 6112 series is incomplete without taking into account the case material. However, the body material will determine the durability of the shock absorber depending on the strength of the base. The Bilstein 5100 single tube gas shock is a popular choice for many people because it is durable and perfectly built. Plus, it ensures that your truck’s shock dampening will be good for quite some time. As an alternative, Bilstein 6112 shock absorbers are of galvanized steel construction for long life.

On concluding we can say that there are two main types of models, each of which is focused on a different type of driver. The Bilstein 6112 long body is a good choice if you are looking for more opportunities to explore camping. Alternatively, if you want to go to the valley you know, you will obviously be happier with the Bilstein 5100. In conclusion, Bilstein 5100 shocks are your reliable friend, and Bilstein 6112 shocks will complete your adventure list.

Is Bilstein 6112 good?

The Bilstein is specifically designed for the serious off-road adventurer. A front coilover kit with a 60mm deflection piston optimizes off-road and on-road capabilities to improve damping control. This is the perfect suspension solution with adjustable spring mount and perfect for jacking up or leveling the car and increasing ground clearance. In addition, it is also suitable for large truck and SUV tires.

To easily and quickly adjust your vehicle’s ride height, some off-road shocks have multiple OEM snap ring grooves. These snap ring shock absorbers are more affordable and are the best alternative to spring pads when it comes to leveling the front of your light truck or SUV.

On rough terrain, a smoother, more controlled ride is achieved with the 60mm off-road piston. This advantage comes from a larger piston surface area, which results in increased damping capacity of the shock absorbers and provides more precise and balanced performance in harsh environments. There is also an increased lubrication space for extra cooling and longer equipment life.

Is Bilstein 6112 adjustable?

The Bilstein 6112 shocks feature an adjustable spring mount perfect for leveling or lifting the vehicle, which increases ground clearance and is ideal for larger tires. Bilstein B8 6112 wheel alignment kits are designed to increase ground clearance, allow for larger tires and more wheel travel. Multiple circlip grooves in the body allow the spring to be mounted in a variety of positions, thereby providing forward lift from 0.875 to 2.5 inches depending on the application. These kits consist of two 60mm shocks paired with two custom cold wound coil springs and two billet aluminum housings. The large 60mm reversible piston provides improved damping control for the best on-road and off-road performance. Experience the ultimate Bilstein off-road experience with the best direct fit spring and damper package for your light truck or SUV.

Is Bilstein 5100 good?

The Bilstein 5100 shock absorbers are designed as a straight forward adjustment solution for the lifted trucks and SUVs. These shock absorbers feature a single tube design that ensures stable performance without fading. The 5100 shock absorbers use a unique speed-sensing piston that responds to changing road conditions. All 5100 shock absorbers are modified for each specific application to ensure optimum performance is gained. The 5100 shock absorbers also provide drivers a significant improvement in handling, ride quality, and comfort in driving. Bilstein 5100 series shock absorbers with adjustable ride height are designed for suspension of pickups and SUVs.

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