Fox Shocks Tundra Review

Fox is such a reputable brand in the suspension industry that even the Toyota has utilized its shocks in its TRD pro package. Which can be installed on Toyota Tundra, Tacoma, and other trucks of its genre.

To get a smooth ride in the city while also having the option to perform in rough terrain, FOX utilizes its race-proven bypass technology in majority of its suspensions.

Fox’s Bypass Technology

While driving when you hit a rough surface, liquid in the bucking shock is permitted to sidestep the damping cylinder through bypass ports; liquid is then pulled once more into the shock body through open refill holes this permits the liquid to bypass the piston spontaneously to give an extravagant and more comfortable ride. When you hit a major bump in the rough terrain, the shock compresses and the piston moves to the bypass port. The liquid is then limited to coursing through the pressure valving at full power, making immovability and forestalling the lining.

While changing from compression to bounce back, the piston is quickly held at the highest point of the stroke, which hinders the bucking. During Rebound, liquid is then permitted to sidestep the cylinder by means of different openings. As the piston goes to refill the openings into the Catch Zone, the liquid is compelled to course through the piston’s bounce back valving at full power, which makes an immovability that forestalls a brutal top-out load.

Fox’s 2.0 Performance Series for Tundra

The best suitable Fox shocks for Toyota Tundra are the 2.0 Performance Series IFP smooth body shocks. They contain the most modern in shock technology, which enhances the performance of your Toyota Tundra. They use race-proven damping control, that gives you a comfortable on-road driving experience and also a surprising rough terrain ride quality. It takes care for your Tundra even when it is in the hardest circumstances.

The Fox 2.0 Performance Series has a one-piece aluminum shock body that offers better rust resistance and disperses heat far superior to a steel body shock. The aluminum shock body has a thick boundary wall than the usual steel shocks, however the inner diameter is conventional. Inside you will find its race tested valving technology. Its Internal Floating Piston (IFP) mono-tube configuration isolates the shock oil from the high-pressure, nitrogen-charged gas cavity. The IFP hinders the oil aeration thereby permitting your Tundra to gain extreme performance from the manufacturer tuned accuracy valving. The race grew high stream damping piston coordinated with application specific valving gives the Performance Series 2.0 IFP shock a predicable ride quality fit for the most unpleasant track conditions.

Do Fox shocks make a difference?

A: The aluminum body of the Fox 2.0 shocks give various advantages that include lighter entire weight of the shock, and all the more critically, better thermal dissipation. The more a shock can stay cool, or disperse heat, the better performance it gives because of less cavitation of shock liquid inside the shock.

Are Fox shocks better?

A: The Fox shocks are made of 6061 Aluminum (A precipitation-hardened aluminium alloy, containing magnesium and silicon as its major alloying elements. Originally called “Alloy 61S”). The thermal conductivity value of 6061 aluminum is more than four times that of mild or low carbon steel. This means FOX aluminum shocks are able to cool much better than painted steel shocks and are extremely rust resistant.

Are Fox shocks better than kings?

A: Both Fox and King bring extraordinary items for the OEM market. The greater number of their OEM shocks can be tuned, remade or redesigned. Modified units are typically loaded by suspension shops or can be effectively obtained from the producer. So what are a few things that could make you pick one over the other?

Fox is being one of the biggest shock maker in the off road industry. They assemble shocks for everything from Mountain Bikes, Snowmobiles, UTVs, and Trophy Trucks to Factory choices on trucks like the Ford Raptor and Jeep Rubicon. Contrasted with different shocks, Fox utilizes better seals, shock oil and shafts, however are viewed as one of the more costly choices available. However, with the high cost there comes the quality and you “receive whatever would be reasonable”. The Fox shafts are more tough which will delay the existence of the shock. The surface hardening on these shafts are great for regions that might see unforgiving winters with snow/salt on the streets. Shock seals like perfect and unharmed cylinder poles. Alongwith the excellent materials Fox utilizes, their DSC Adjuster as one of the most developed shock adjuster available in the market. For towing or calibrate changes, the DSC Adjusters are an incredible component to have.

On the other hand King Shocks is one of the most notable shock brands in the off road industry. They are Family Owned and Operated and are 100 percent Designed, Manufactured and Assembled in the U.S.A beginning around 1996. Their superior performance shocks can be found on top level race trucks from one side of the planet to the other. King offers an extraordinary assortment of OEM fit elite performance shocks at a sensible cost. These shocks look incredible, can be tuned, modified and can be upgraded to meet your requirements. King persists the vast majority of their race parts to their OEM line so your everyday driver can have a dash of trophy truck innovation. Their anodized blue parts most certainly stick out and look astonishing. If you really need the coolest rough terrain shocks then look no farther than King.

Are Fox shocks deliver a smooth ride?

A: Fox accomplishes the comfort through control, both diminishing body roll, and have a better (than stock) bump impact tolerance which means yes, totally they give a smooth ride. Many people have considerable amount of experience in overhauling their vehicles with Fox shocks. As compared to other competitive brands of its class the Fox generally have a more beneficial outcome.

Quick Comparisons between FOX and Kings Brand

The following comparisons will allow you to choose the best shocks which suits your budget and your truck performance needs.



Silver tone. Eibach has a full line of silver springs assuming new rates are required. They utilize a great quality wire and assembling. Heavier rate springs should be bought independently.


Blue tone. Blue substitution springs are accessible from King. Silver Eibach springs additionally fit and look incredible. Shocks can be extraordinary arranged with heavier rate springs on no extra charge.

Shock Body


Steel Body, Zinc plating


Steel Body, Cadmium plating


Both have comparable erosion resistance.

Shafts/Piston Rods


17-4 H900 Stainless Steel, Surface Hardened, 45 HRC


1045/1050 Steel Chrome Plated, Through Hardened, 23 HRC

A shock spilling oil is quite possibly the most widely recognized issues that people often experience. This is typically because of a harmed shaft which then cut the seals. Surface hardening forestalls the piston rod or shaft from being harmed if being hit with sand or pebbles. The Fox Stainless Steel shafts are two times as solid as Kings and can bear more maltreatment.





Linear. Anyway a few shocks really do come as Digressive, yet we can revalve them to be straight.

Shock Seals




Buna and Urethane

Both shocks utilize an excellent urethane wiper. Fox utilizes two Buna fundamental seals. King utilizes a principle Buna o-ring and urethane auxiliary u-cup. The King sealing bundle can cause much higher friction which can cause issues with ride quality. To moderate the high grating King charges their shocks to 150 psi, due to which cavitation issues may arise.

Shock Oil


Conventional Oil, evaluated up to 400F, having viscosity index of 370


Conventional Oil, appraised 14 to 230 F, having viscosity index of 150

Fox oil offers significantly better greasing across a wide scope of temperatures, and is less expected to wear out due to hotness. High lubricity and protection from break out are basic for a long life expectancy. Viscosity Index (VI) is a proportion of how much the damping will reduced because of hotness. Fox’s VI of 370 is extremely high and gives remarkable performance. King’s VI of 150 is a normal rating which implies it is significantly more inclined to shock fade while getting hot.

Bearings and Bushings


Fox coilovers use bearings of top and the base from FK Rod Ends. These bearings are fixed with an o-ring for expanded toughness. OEM fit smoothie shocks primarily use bushings.


All of King Shocks use bearings aside from using the stud mounts.

In rusting conditions bushings are much more solid and can undoubtedly be supplanted. However the bearings are more sturdy to race conditions.

Internal Top Out


At full augmentation the Fox shocks have an elastic top out guard that forestalls hard metal to metal contact. This elastic guard makes the shocks calmer and smoother, and is an observable improvement when lifted at least two inches.


At full augmentation, Kings internal stops are metal on metal. However this doesn’t not hurt the shock, it very well may be recognizable when the shock finishes out.

Remote Reservoir Hose Fittings


6 hose fittings, utilizing hard 90s and soft 90 degree fittings.


6 hose fittings, utilizing hard 90s and soft 90 degree fittings.

Bigger hoses stream more oil and ride better. – 6 hose is satisfactory for this application.

(-6 Hose Fitting = 3/8″ Tube ID)

Remote Reservoir Hoses


Black fabric wrapped hose


Blue/rubber with white/mark composing

No genuine distinction in strength. King hose is more straightforward to control and mount the supply.

Reservoir Mounts


Yes, mounts utilizing OEM bolts. Dark powdercoated


Yes, mounts utilizing OEM bolts, silver coated with zinc plating

Shock Adjusters


DSC, Dual Speed Compression adjuster. Permits you to selft change the fast and low speed pressure physically.


Mid Speed Adjusters. One handle to change mid speed pressure.

Shock Tuning

Both Fox and King OEM Coilovers come norm with soft valving that will in general be bouncy and handle ineffectively. This might turn out acceptable for the most part stock vehicle with no extra updates, however we feel there is an opportunity to get better.


From the above discussion and comparisons it is clear that Fox is the dominative to the King in suspension manufacturing. However they are a bit more expensive than the Kings. But when looking at the benefits you gain upon purchasing the Fox shocks you can worth the money and exactly will get what you had paid for. It does not mean that the King shocks are of inferior quality instead lots of vehicle owners are using King for their vehicles.

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