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The ICON Vehicle Dynamics Toyota Tundra suspension systems are the most advanced and durable components that are designed for maximum performance and are designed for the serious driver. The focus of ICON engineers is on increasing wheel travel and damping capacity, resulting in superior vehicle handling and ride quality both on- and off-road.

The package includes vehicle-specific 2.5″ coilover shocks with internal reservoirs for exceptional cooling performance. These coilovers are also height adjustable from 1 to 3 inches of lift above the stock, allowing for larger and more aggressive wheel and tire combinations. The ICON 2.5 Aluminum Series VS Smooth Body Series rear shocks use special valving to balance truck performance front and rear. The 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra Stage 3 ICON Vehicle Dynamics Suspension System is a great choice for those drivers who want to improve their pickup truck’s ability both on the road and in the mud.

This system also features upper suspension arms with the patented ICON Delta Joint. The Delta Joint is a heavy duty high angle ball joint that combines the durability of a ball joint with the performance of a traditional mono ball. While the industry standard uniballs do a great job of allowing the car’s control levers to articulate with a little bit of stickiness, they do have an inherent weakness that leaves a lot to be desired in daily use and the impact of the elements. The Delta coupling has a galvanized body to provide a first layer of corrosion resistance, and a strong lubrication seal prevents potentially dangerous elements from entering the connection. The metal-to-metal and lubricated design increases the life of the delta connection while still providing quiet operation. What makes the Delta Joint unique is that it brings the best of both worlds to ICON upper arms with features that make it stronger than a uniball while still capable of more angularity than a conventional ball joint.

When you install an ICON lift kit, you increase stability and control, improve wheel travel and damping, and increase ground clearance. ICON lifts improve vehicle handling and ride quality, and allow for larger tire and wheel combinations.

Available in multiple stages, each with different components, there is sure to be a set for you.

Stage 1 is an entry-level kit that increases ride height and suspension damping,

Stage 2 is a basic suspension upgrade for light to medium off-road,

Stage 3 is a performance system that increases cooling from reservoirs on the shocks,

Stage 4 is a mid-performance system with reservoirs front and rear shock absorbers for increased travel,

Stage 5 is a maximum performance system for high-speed off-road riding and Stage 6: extreme performance system for maximum travel and damping efficiency.

Featuring a CAD-coated coilover shock body and CNC machined 6061 aircraft grade aluminum components, these premium custom kits include everything you need to install. Your ICON Lift Kit is backed by a lifetime warranty on ICON components and a one-year warranty on shock absorbers.

On purchasing this package you will get the following components:

Powerful coilover and rear shock

There is no better place for high quality suspension systems than ICON and their Stage 1 suspension system for the 2007-2021 Tundra. This alignment kit contains just enough impressive suspension hardware to give your Tundra superior lift as well as amazing street or trail performance. ICON’s Stage 1 Suspension System is a fully adjustable kit that can provide 3″ front lift and 1.5″ rear lift, allowing for impressive 35″ tires to help turn your truck into an ICON kit. It includes a pair of awesome ICON coilover shocks for the front of your truck and a pair of ICON 2.0 aluminum body rear shocks for superior shock damping and control. They help give your truck great off-road performance while maintaining a smooth street ride.

Powerful coilovers ICON 2.5 VS IR

All ICON coilovers are vehicle specific and have been carefully designed and tuned to give your Tundra the best possible performance. Each coilover set consists of a 2.5″ ICON CAD coated aluminum shock surrounded by an ICON designed high performance coil spring that provides increased front wheel travel over stock and articulation distance without compromising the smoothness of your truck on the streets. This corrosion-resistant 2.5 series body includes a 7/8″ shaft. Coilovers can be adjusted from standard ride height to an additional 3″ of lift, allowing up to 35″ tires to be used on the truck without trimming. Larger tires may fit, but ICON warns that will require trimming and modification.

Includes ICON 2.0 aluminum shocks

For the rear of your truck, ICON offers a pair of superior 2.0 shocks with a corrosion resistant aluminum body. These shocks are long enough to take up to 1.5 inches of lift if you want to add a rear block to increase your Tundra’s rear clearance. Steel shafts for excellent ride quality, performance and reliability even in extreme conditions. The shocks feature 6061 aluminum rod ends and polyurethane bushings that are strong and reliable enough for almost any application.

Much easier to install than lifting kits

In addition to excellent performance and high quality suspension, the ICON Stage 1 suspension kit is extremely easy to install. The coilovers and dampers are bolted directly in place of the factory dampers and front coil springs. On average, this kit can be installed in about 2 hours, thereby saving you a lot of time compared to similar lifting kits. The ICON Stage 1 Suspension System comes with all necessary equipment and instructions. ICON offers a 1-year limited warranty on shock absorbers and a lifetime warranty on components, weldments and springs.

Wheel and Tire Fitting

This suspension package requires a wheel that is at least 8-9″ wide with 5″ offset to allow a 35×12.5″ tire to pass through. Larger wheels may fit, but fender trimming and modification will be required. Your factory wheels can be reused, but you will be limited to a factory width tire.


Top Five ICON Suspensions for Tundra

ICON suspensions are a great addition to the vehicle you love to travel off-road. If you want a smoother ride with fewer bumps, this is definitely worth considering. ICON offers high quality products at a high price although the price may put you off, you can be sure that you are getting the best quality. On the basis of deep research we have include the following five suspensions that are best suitable for your Toyota Tundra.

1. ICON Series PBR Rear Shocks (0-1.5 inch Lift) for Toyota Tundra 2007-2019

ICON Vehicle Specific (V.S.) 2.5 Series shock absorbers are designed and built to give your vehicle outstanding off-road performance and a smooth street ride. These dampers are tuned specifically for each application in both length and damping setting. Like all ICON shocks, the V.S. Series 2.5 shocks are 100% repairable and 100% replaceable. For additional and special applications in remote tanks; ICON’s unique use of a 6061 billet aluminum manifold a few inches below the shock’s top cap creates an internal “shock zone” that creates an additional 20% damping force when used. This extra force helps prevent hard bottom hits and controls the suspension when compressed at high speed. If you’re looking for a more custom setup, consider looking into the Compression Damping Control Valve (CDCV) or OMEGA Series Bypass Shocks.

2. Icon 2.5 IR Coilovers Front Pair for 07-20 Toyota Tundra w/0-3.5″ lift 58650

ICON has developed a 0-2″ coilover shock package to provide increased wheel travel, reduced body roll and more confident driving performance.

The larger 2.5″ shock body and larger piston area compared to standard components provide improved damping capacity and outstanding smoothness Performance on different types of terrain When combined with ICON Series 2.0 Aluminum or 2.5 rear shock absorbers, vehicle handling will be balanced front and rear for the best driving experience.

3. Icon Vehicle Dynamics 1996 – Current Tacoma / 2000 – 2006 Tundra 1.5″ Lift Rear Expansion Pack 51100

This 3-leaf Progressive Add a Leaf kit comes complete with U-bolts and center pins for easy installation. This optional leaf kit will give your Tacoma/Tundra 1.5 inches of lift once installed. Just remove the factory overdrive and say goodbye to that rough factory ride.

4. Icon Vehicle Dynamics Coilover kit – 2007-UP Tundra 2WD & 4X4 (2007+ 3″ Dia. 0-3″ F C/O w/CDC Remote Reservior)

These 3.0 series coilovers have been designed as replacements for OEM shocks, making installation simple and straightforward. Built-in ride height adjustment gives 1.63-3.5 inches of front end lift, allowing for larger, more aggressive wheel and tire combinations. ICON’s first-class manufacturing processes and quality components such as Eibach coil springs and FK Rod End bearings are used to ensure these shocks perform to their maximum potential without issue. Increased wheel travel and vehicle specific valves provide a comfortable and consistent ride quality on and off road. Adjustable coilovers provide 1.63″ to 3.5″ front lift. Bump Zone exponentially increases resistance at the bottom for the last 40% of the compression stroke. Easily adjustable CDC (compression damping control) valve allows the end user to vary the compression ratio to suit all types of terrain and vehicle load configurations 10″ aluminum reservoirs provide a large volume of oil and nitrogen for consistent damping as temperatures rise. High quality Eibach springs developed by ICON provide increased travel and performance. Teflon coated COM12 spherical bearings provide maximum strength and durability. | 17×8.5 with 5.75″ clearance / 25mm offset Recommended aftermarket tires: 35″ x 12.50″ (bigger tires may fit but will require fender trimming and modification).

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5. Icon 0-3″ Suspension System – Stage 1 Kit for 07-19 Tundra 4WD w/0-3″ K53021

This Icon suspension system is specifically designed for Tundra models ranging from 07 to 19. These shocks are suitable for 4WD and RWD vehicles.

Moreover this product has received a custom description by PN. The product comes with one year warranty also.

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