Low Range Off Road Tundra Leveling Kit Review

The Low Range Off Road is a well reputed company headquartered in Utah. The company has begun delivering 3 inch leveling kits for Tundra models above 2007. In addition to offering leveling kits to the much older models of Tundra they are also suitable for vehicles that are similar to Tundra like the Tacoma, the FJ, as well as the Land Cruiser. This leveling kit is much alike the Truxxx 3 inch lift kit. Both of these kits are similar in function and lift the front of the truck by 3 inches and later leveling it by introducing a block of 1 inch in the back of the truck. However the Low Range Off Road leveling kit is much easy to install, comprised of high quality material, and many other reasons upon which we recommend Low Range Off Road Kit over the Truxxx leveling kit.

Low Range Off Road’s kit introduced on a 2007 Tundra


Every component in the kit is comprised of profound quality and as compared to other after-market parts the kit’s quality is second to none. These components are made of CNC machined 6061 aluminum alloy similar to the ToyTec Lift kit. For manufacturing a spacer aluminum is the most logical option because it is incredibly strong, light weighted, and rust resistant. It is the prime reason that Low Range Off road kit is superior to the Truxxx kit that is composed of powder coated steel. Aluminum is the perfect material for leveling kits and you should not go for anything else. Moreover, these kits are becoming more inexpensive.

Close view of the Low Range Off Road kit’s front spacer.

These kits are made so precisely that if you hold the front spacer in your hand you will feel as the equipment would be designed for NASA space mission rather than to be installed in your pickup. The measurements are accurate and the finishing is top notch. Moreover, all the nuts and bolts are made according to the OEM standards. The kit has almost negligible flaws and the manufacturer has tried best to compete in the spare parts market. They use metric sized bolts and nuts in their kits which can easily fit on any truck. While you are working you don’t have to switch between metric and English for this reason the Low Range has got a gold star because it saves your time and provides more convenience. The kit also contains a pair of bolts for your skid plate and enables kit not escape out of the plate when they are loose.

As the Low Range utilizes 6061 aluminum in their kit, so they are able to comprise a 3.5 degree taper on the rear side blocks. While the angle is very minimum, it has the advantage of restoring the factory drive line angle and reducing the drive line vibration. This level of accuracy is not available without the use of CNC machining, another reason to go with aluminum on steel.

On the basis of the tests conducted the Low Range kit can easily lift the front of the Tundra by 3 inches and back by one inch. The level of your truck is now an inch higher and according to the Low Range it can now bear the tires of up to 33 inches of the size. With the help of this kit you can enhance the height and look of your truck. Along with the front and rear kit spacers it also contains a differential drop kit of 1 inch to reestablish the front axles and ball joints angle to the factory setting.

Installing Tundra Leveling Kit

When it comes to installation, its installation is very similar to the Truxxx kit installation whose difficult part is getting everything to go back together. With the attached spacer the strut is a slight longer which requires lot of skill to get all the bolts back in the position. It is an enormous work and if you are not a skilled worker there are the chances of getting hurt. If you are willing to install on your own behalf you must talk to someone who can assist you while installation, especially when you are going to get the strut back in the position. Moreover, this will save your time and relieves your stress. The Low Range comes with a great set of instruction manuals in 13mb pdf file, this makes the installation process more simpler. The low range instructions are being copied by the Truxxx and the Toytec as these instructions comes in full colors and also contains several useful photos.

We are confronted with talking about the up-sides and negatives of utilizing an above-coil spacer lift unit like Truxxx or Low Range as opposed to utilizing an in-coil spacer lift kit like ToyTec. We won’t jump into this contention here, yet get the job done to say there’s no proof that one plan is plainly better than the other (simply a great deal of sentiments). However, as long as you introduce the included differential drop kit, your CV and rotating conjuncture points will remain inside within the satisfactory cutoff points and your truck’s guarantee won’t be jeopardized in any circumstances.

The evaluating cost of the Low Range kit is quite reasonable for front and back spacers, a differential drop pack, and all the equipment is really aggressive. The quality is a lot more pleasant, and burning some extra amount for aluminum appears to be legit when you think about the rust element. There’s also the way that most home mechanics will see the value in Low Range’s better directions and metric bolts. At long last, Low Range Off Road offers a lifetime guarantee on their parts which you can’t beat.


Low Range Off Road’s 3″ leveling kit for the Toyota Tundra is made of first class – great machined aluminum, and on the basis of thoroughly examined design that incorporates a ton of pleasant touches, and elegantly composed directions. The cost is cutthroat, and introducing the kit is basic enough for a home technician to handle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you go off-roading with a leveling kit?

A: Among the most thrilling sports one is the off-roading, there are many ways to make your truck best suitable for rough adventures and one option could be the installation of a leveling kit on your vehicle. They are of less cost and are quite easy to install. Moreover, they provide a bossy look to your truck and provide more room for larger tires. There are many advantages as well as disadvantages of installing leveling kit on your vehicle for the off-road purpose.

The major function of any leveling kit is to increase the ground clearance of your truck through balancing the unequal corners. The greater ground clearance means you can add larger tires to your truck. With larger tires and good quality aftermarket shocks together enhances the off-road performance of your vehicle. In short, you can definitely go off-road with a leveling kit installed. It increases the off-road performance of your truck by a huge margin.

Furthermore, by installing a leveling kit on your Truck you can easily raise the front bumper by two inches above the front tires. This raise will prevent your front bumper from damage due to colliding rocks and rough terrain. Outstandingly, customary off-road adventurers will realize that there are situations when a companion’s vehicle becomes out of order and should be towed. In this condition leveling kit provides an additional convenience as they permit you to add a winch to the front, from which you can pull an extremely weighty burden without stressing your truck or becoming harmed.

Q: Do leveling kits hurt your truck?

A: Although leveling kits enhance the off-road experience and overall performance of the vehicle, however there are some drawbacks also. One of the main disadvantage of installing a leveling kit is that many drivers had experienced, is the aerodynamic drag in the body of the vehicle. Leveling kits can also impart more stress on the suspensions of the vehicle. Leveling the vehicle means more ground clearance and the increase in ground clearance demands larger tires, the larger tires need more torque force to move and thereby reducing the towing capacity of your truck. Another drawback is that companies that are manufacturing leveling kits are designing their spacers too high or are not providing drop brackets for the skid plates, differential, and sway bars. These drop brackets are essential for maintaining proper alignment as well as maintaining the vehicle’s stability.

Q: Is a 2 inch leveling kit noticeable?

A: Assume that you raise the front just between 2 or 2 ½ inches, which means you are just leveling out. It brings the front and back tires level and brings the face up. The truck loses its nose-to-the-ground look and replaces it with a focal gaze. While the leveling out kit raises the front of your vehicle, it may not give sufficient ground clearance while you’re going through the rough terrain. But with regards to style, a lifting kit will really change the appearance of your vehicle. You’ll sit up higher, and everybody will rapidly see the change. A leveling kit will not be as perceptible as compared to the lift kit.

Q: What does a leveling kit do for a Tundra?

A: One of the most pleasant and most economical overhauls you can make to your Toyota Tundra is to add a leveling kit also called a front-end lift kit. These kits are generally steel or aluminum spacers that are added to the highest point of the front suspension’s loop assembly. These spacers raise the front of the truck to make it level with the back without changing the vehicle’s suspension, handling or ride quality. When introduced accurately, a leveling kit will enhance the appearance of your truck without changing the feel and operation of your truck.

Since we know that the back end of most truck are usually raised by 2 inch than the front end. This is designed to overcome the natural suspension damping when the rear of the vehicle is fully loaded. But most of the people in routine, drive without carry huge amount of load and we all usually not enjoy the benefit of raised rear-end. So in this case the Leveling kits best serve the purpose and compensate for the fact of raised rear-end of the truck.

Upon adding the spacers to the front suspension the truck will level out and the benefit we gain along with this is the additional ground clearance which enables you to install larger tires on your Tundra. The leveling kits comes from 1.5 to 3 inches which depicts that on Tundra we can at least enhance our tire size to 33” of diameter. The best thing is that a leveling kit is nothing else than spacers that will not effect the ride quality or handling of your Tundra.

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