Tundra Platinum Vs. Toyota Tundra 1794

Toyota is manufacturing its 2022 Tundra for its exceptional seven trim levels. These trim levels are available from Tundra SR work truck to the brand new Tundra Capstone truck which is a highly luxury vehicle. Although the 2022 Tundra Platinum and the 1794 Edition trims are both trucks that share a similar MSRP but both trucks have different specialties.

Rim Appearance

In terms of appearance the Tundra Platinum trim level is more refined and has a more modern style as compared to the 2022 Toyota Tundra Limited and Toyota Tundra 1794 Editions which are decked out in bright chrome. Toyota has made its unique 20 inch rims and trims in a deep gray color. This trim makes difference with some of the Tundra’s widely available brighter colors like “Supersonic Red” and “Blueprint”. Along with dark gray and black colors the Platinum gives a more rocky and stunning look.

The 2022 Toyota Tundra Platinum trim

Tundra Seats

The all new 2022 Tundra Platinum comes with 10-way power-adjustable front seat. It also has a lumbar support features and a memory function that helps the drivers to fix the seat settings according to their needs. Moreover, it has a fascinating black interior which is trimmed with leather covering. The Platinum trim has a couple of standard features that include a 12.3 inch digital display for drivers and a segment-leading 14 inch touchscreen. Moreover, the stereo system of the truck is comprised of nine speakers.

Tundra Sound Systems

The Tundra Platinum has a versatile sound system that is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The Toyota Safety Sense or TSS is embedded on every Tundra Platinum as a standard for passenger safety. This safety package consists of emergency braking system, blind spot detection, dynamic cruise control, and the steering assist.

Tundra Engines

Both third generation Tundra Platinum and the 1794 Edition comes standard with the twin-turbo V6 engine. This engine is more efficient than the older 5.7L V8 and is capable to deliver 381 horsepower and a 479 lb-ft of torque. As a result of more efficient engine upgrade now these trims have a tow capacity of 12000 pounds.

Toyota manufactures every Platinum and 1794 Edition according to the Tundra’s four door cab known as the CrewMax. You can choose either a 5.5 foot or 6.5 foot bed for these trims. Moreover, now the Toyota is offering the option to install more powerful i-Force Max drivetrain on both trucks which contains an electric motor to boost the total power output to 437 horsepower and 583 lb-ft of torque.

1794 Tundra

The Tundra 1794 trim has slightly more cost than the Platinum cousin because the Toyota has designed its interior with whole leather seats and American walnut wooden dashboard. You have the option to choose for “Rich Cream” which is a white leather trim or “Saddle Tan” which is brown leather trim. Moreover the 1794 Edition also comes with a signature color which is known as “Smoked Mesquite” brown.

Toyota also equips the 1794 Edition trim with the unique 20-inch alloy rims and special chrome badges. Every 1794 Tundra is also embedded with Toyota’s Straight Path Assist (SPA) software along with Toyota’s trailer backup guide. The 1794’s unique name is driven on the basis of the fact that Toyota manufactures every Tundra at its plant of San Antonio. This plant was established on the grounds of an old estate that was founded in 1794.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is difference between Toyota Tundra Limited and Platinum?

A: Although the Platinum trim of the Toyota Tundra has more cost than the Limited trim but it also contains numerous profound features that are lacking on the lower trim levels. It contains an elite Entune Premium JBL sound system along with 12 speakers which comes standard on this trim. On the other hand the Limited trim has either seven or nine speakers only depending on the body physique of the truck.

The Platinum trim also contains heated and cooled trimmed seats made of fine quality leather along with 12-way power adjusting driver seats. Moreover, these seats have memory settings with the help of which one can save the adjustments of the seat according to the requirement. The Limited trim comes with a 10-way power-adjusting driver’s seat and heated seats trimmed with leather this imparts enough luxury for the drivers. Furthermore, both these trims also have a dual-zone automatic climate control and a 6-way power adjusting front passenger seat.

What does the 1794 Edition Tundra mean?

A: The Toyota named this Tundra trim as 1794, on the basis of the founding year of a cattle ranch located in Texas, which is the present location of the Toyota’s truck manufacturing plant. At a single sight, it might seems strange that Toyota which is a Japanese automotive brand, would have an American touch in the special edition of their largest sized truck. But for experts who are familiar with the manufacturing and marketing of the Tundra its nothing strange or odd that Toyota was delighted to reveal that their pickups are made in the United States.

The first 1794 Edition Tundra was launched in 2014, it was designed on the western theme and was a luxury pickup truck. It has competed straight with the similar trims of its class that include the Ford F-150 King Ranch, and Chevy Silverado High Country. When it arrived in the market it was the most dominating pickup and was the top in the range of Tundra trims that is lagging behind the SR, SR5, Limited, and Platinum trims. It has remained on the top of the trim series unless the release of the Tundra TRD pro in the year 2015.

What is the most luxurious Tundra?

A: Toyota has launched the 2022 Tundra Capstone pickup truck which is a much progressed variation of the customary truck and is centered around excessive or extravagance buyers. The Tundra Capstone, which Toyota has given the title “flagship pickup”, is at deal this year went with extravagance components, for instance, thick instrument boards, a head-up display, open-pore walnut interior complements, additional sound smothering materials and huge 22 inch chrome wheels.

The Tundra Capstone must be constrained by Toyota’s new I-FORCE MAX hybrid powertrain that can produce 437 horsepower and 583 lb-ft of force. Toyota didn’t convey a mileage rating for the powertrain, yet said it would be the most capable Tundra in progress. It is mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission. Regardless of being publicized as an extravagance luxury truck, the Tundra Capstone really has adequate capacity. It has a biggest towing breaking point of 10,340 pounds and a most outrageous payload direction of 1,485 pounds.

The 2022 Tundra Capstone

Toyota is making the truck’s bed from a high level sheet-molded compound with upheld aluminum cross sheets under it to give extra protection from dents, influence dings and rust when contrasted with standard steel decks. Toyota mounted the lodge to the edge with hydraulic driven controlled mounts to give extra comfort. It added acoustic glass to the front ways for diminishing noise interference.

The 2022 Capstone accompanies three standard drive modes that include Eco, Normal and Sport. Other standard highlights incorporate power running sheets and truck bed step, a towing innovation package and a 10-inch head-up display. Capstone’s styling features incorporate a modern grille with a shading keyed external edge and chrome internal lattice designs supplemented with chrome reflect covers. The 2022 Capstone have the Toyota’s biggest CrewMax lodge with a 5.5-foot bed. Moreover, the truck has multiple color availability that includes Magnetic Gray Metallic, Wind Chill Pearl, Midnight Black Metallic, Celestial Silver Metallic, Supersonic Red and Blueprint.

Which Tundra is the top of the line?

A: On the top of the line of various trim levels of the Tundra there exists the Tundra TRD Pro. The all new 2022 Tundra TRD Pro is built for exceptional outdoor adventures. It has 18 inch BBS 151 forged alloy wheels that help the truck to perform aggressively in the rough terrain conditions. The truck is equipped with the original best quality FOX shocks and a TRD aluminum skid plate, the FOX shocks are engineered to withstand rough terrain and the aluminum skid plate provides extra support while driving. Moreover, the truck is equipped with advanced systems like Multi-Terrain Select or MTS and the Crawl Control drive.

2022 Tundra TRD Pro

The Tundra TRD Pro’s Blind Spot Monitoring System or BSM enables you to get notified when any vehicle residing in the next lane enters your blind spot on either side of your truck. This system automatically senses either any trailer is connected to the vehicle or not and also predicts its length and gives the Trailer Merge Warning to the driver without any influence of the driver. When out of a tight spot you are reversing the Rear Cross-Traffic Alert or RCTA system assists you to detect vehicles coming from either side and warns you with warning tone and side mirror indicators. In short the TRD pro advanced safety systems provide the Tundra drivers a peace of mind while driving.

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