Tundra TSS vs. TRD

Difference between TSS and TRD

Toyota Tundra TSS vs TRD are basically the off road packages that can be installed on the vehicle to enhance its off road capabilities that include enhancing the ground clearance, preventing the truck’s body from rough terrain, flexible suspensions to overcome obstacles, and to provide your Tundra a rugged off-road look.

The major difference between TSS and TRD packages is that the TRD off-road package is a performance package that when installed on the truck will enhance its off road performance and efficiency. While the TSS package has only concern with the look of the vehicle. It provides the stunning professional look to your truck.

An SUV is a truck capable of moving both on paved and unpaved surfaces. An off-road truck usually has large, deep-tread tires and flexible suspension. They also usually, but not always, have higher clearances. Higher traction and higher ground clearance allow the truck to better handle rough off-road tracks and other low grip surfaces.

In terms of mechanical components The Toyota Tundra has always been a trusted truck. However, this truck has consistently received a 4-star NHTSA safety rating. But more positively, the overall side impact rating is 5 stars. These are frontal 4-star and 3-star crash ratings that lower the overall star rating. In terms of complaints, the main complaint, at least with the 2020 Toyota Tundra, is the engine. There are two complaints that the car will not start or is difficult to start in hot weather. There are also complaints that the acceleration does not work properly. However, while the Tundra has some problems, most cars have them, and some even have more problems than you can tell. In addition, most owners of this truck like it.

On the basis of these drawbacks there is a need to install off-road packages these packages not only boost the performance of the truck but also provides the outstanding aggressive look to the truck.

First we will discuss about the TSS package, TSS stands for Toyota Sports Series and it is specifically designed for Gulf States. It is basically an appearance package that is formulated to give rugged off-road appearance to the truck. The package is available in graphite and black colors. TSS package is the one that imparts an exciting impression to the public when driving through the road. Many people in the world are fond of giving their truck a rugged off-road look, we think the Tundra TSS package is the perfect option for them. Apart from this quality if you need to increase your off-road performance than this package is not suitable for you as it is only concerned with the appearance of the truck as we have mentioned earlier.

This package has been specifically designed to enhance the look of the SR and SR5 trucks. However, in doing so, the TSS package will enhance the look of your truck. The benefits that you will gain on purchasing TSS Off-Road Package include:

Black or graphite oval steps

20″ black or graphite alloy wheels with milled inserts

Black or graphite 20″ all-terrain tires.

Exhaust tip in black or stainless steel.

All-weather or custom carpeting

Matte black badge overlays

TSS off-road stickers

When it comes to cost of the package it depends upon the model which you are using. The package cost ranges from $2800 to $5000. Toyota trucks are highly popular and sophisticated vehicles. Whoever purchases them must need something extra to more improve the truck’s look. We think the TSS package would be the best option for them in this regard.

Now we will talk about the Tundra TRD off-road package. For the brand new 2022 Toyota Tundra, the TRD Off-Road package is a terrific deal. The package is available for either the 2022 Tundra SR5 or the 2022 Tundra Limited. Here are the features Toyota includes in the TRD Off-Road package. The TRD off-road package has major concern with the performance of the truck. If you are fond of adventure, off-road stunts, and long drive in terrain then this package is very suitable for you. On purchasing this package you will gain Bilstein shocks, skidplates, and all-terrain tires. All these accessories will enhance your off-road experience and provide you a luxurious ride.

The TRD Off-Road package is named for Toyota Racing Development Team. You might be surprised to learn that it is available on the 2WD Tundra SR5. It is priced at $1,440, and it comes with all-terrain tires with upgraded rims. For a 2WD Tundra SR5, the TRD Off-Road package is comparatively cheap, as it just costs $1,440. It contains all-terrain tires on TRD rims.

If you donot purchase the TRD Off-Road package, all-terrain tires along with raised rim will cost you back almost $1,400. Another great thing included in the package is the skid plate option whose price is $550 alone. The third feature is the off-road tuned suspension with Bilstein dampers that helps you to overcome obstacles and prevent the truck body damaging from hitting heavy terrain. If you decide to upgrade the 2022 Tundra Limited trim level, the TRD Off-Road package will set you back at least $2,115.

On the other hand if you have 4WD Tundra SR5 it will costs $950 more than a 2WD truck. It comes with a partial transfer case and a limited slip differential. For an all-wheel drive truck, the TRD Off-Road package is actually $2,410. If you opt for the Tundra Limited trim level, 4WD is still just $950, but the TRD Off-Road package is $3,085. If you upgrade your truck to the 4WD and TRD Off-Road Package, The Toyota corporation will add a few more performance features that include:

An electronic locking rear differential

An electronic locking differential is a device located in the rear axle that allows both rear wheels to turn at the same speed. An electronically locking differential provides additional traction in the event of a stuck vehicle. You can electronically activate the differential and shift it on the fly within the operating speed range. The electronic differential is disengaged when the vehicle speed exceeds a predetermined value and re-enabled when the vehicle speed drops below a predetermined value.

Multi-Terrain Select (MTS)

Multi-terrain select is an off-road system found on the TRD Off-Road and Tacoma TRD Pro trucks. By taking advantage of these features, you can reduce or stop wheel slip. Your 2020 Tacoma, like older models, works to control engine throttle and brake pressure to give you the best traction based on the terrain you’re facing.

Toyota trucks are equipped with terrain select control slippage based on five different terrain settings. Choose from Mud & Sand, Loose Rock, Moguls, Rock & Dirt, and (larger) Rock. The control knob located next to the rearview mirror is easy to use and you can simply adjust the knob to your desired setting. To enable multi-terrain selection, you must first ensure that several conditions are met. First, you must have low four-wheel drive. Simply shift your vehicle into neutral and shift the 4L control. Once enabled, you can now push the terrain select button to the on position. Then adjust the handle to the correct position depending on the terrain you are riding.

Crawl Control (CRAWL)

When your off-road journeys get tough, Crawl Control (CRAWL) is an advanced system that automatically adjusts the throttle and brakes in five low speed modes. Off-road Turn Assist allows you to reduce the turning radius in Crawl Control mode to help you navigate off-road turns. Crawl Control is designed for driving over rough terrain at low speeds. It helps you by controlling braking and acceleration, thereby allowing you to focus more on steering.

Downhill Assist Control (DAC)

It is a system that supports riders on steep climbs and descent. It supports drivers when descending a slope. There may be unexpected cases for the driver when cars can slide when starting off on sharp inclines or slippery surfaces. This system minimizes vehicle rollback by controlling brake fluid pressure as the driver’s foot moves from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal on such a steep slope. In addition, DAC maintains the vehicle speed at 5 km/h to keep the vehicle stable when descending steep slopes or slippery surfaces.

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